With the construction of Ilam Gas Refinery to refine gas in Tang Bijar and Kaman Kooh gas fields located in Ilam province, Ilam Petrochemical Complex plan to use ethane products, C3 +, C5 of this refinery, after economic studies in the nine hundred and forty-seventh meeting of the Board The National Petrochemical Company was approved on 4/18/2002 and subsequently approved by the Supreme Economic Council on 10/6/2002.

One of these projects, the implementation of which has caused a lot of criticism, is the Amirabad propylene project located in Mazandaran province. The project is to be built at a total cost of about $ 1 billion and has an annual production capacity of 470,000 tons of propylene.

Therefore, Ilam Petrochemical Company was established on 4/15/2003 and the construction of the complex began on a 122-hectare land in the Chavar section, 18 kilometers northwest of Ilam city.

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