According to the Ministry of Petroleum, Behzad Mohammadi stated that the signs and feedback received indicate the constructive and effective role of the National Petrochemical Company in the current state of the country’s economy. Be effective and as a helmsman, act as a reference and support for producers and consumers. The position of this institution in the industry is stabilizing.

He pointed to the acquisition of technical knowledge in the petrochemical industry and said: “Currently, seven projects of technical knowledge production in the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company are being pursued.”

Deputy Minister of Oil, stating that the technical knowledge of polypropylene production from natural gas with Iranian power and knowledge has been acquired for the first time in the country by the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company, added: The west of the country is under construction and the project will enter the implementation phase next year.

He stated that after the operation of the construction plan of the polypropylene production complex from natural gas, the production of which has a prosperous product for the country, this plan will be implemented in other parts of the country as well. , Will be the golden leaf for the National Petrochemical Company. In the petrochemical industry, important projects are being implemented, the products of which will lead to the prosperity of downstream enterprises in the country, and will be the engine of development in large and small economic enterprises in the country.